Fair Oaks

Dear Fair Oaks Parents and Players,
Below is some very helpful information to help you prepare for Fair Oaks Soccer Club U12-U14 uniform sizing night.

When: Monday February 27th, 2017
Where: Round Table Room in Fair Oaks (Hazel and Madison)


U12 Boys and Girls 6:00pm  –  6:30pm

U13 Boys and Girls 6:30pm  –  7:00pm

U14 Boys and Girls 7:00pm  –  7:30pm

For more information about your club, please go to: www.fairoakssoccer.org

Kombat Soccer will be there to assist parents with uniform sizing; forms and uniform samples will be available during sizing.
Uniform payment will be collected by your club Team Manager.
For a complete picture of the uniform package, please select your club and gender from the category menu on your left.

We would like to thank Fair Oaks Soccer Club and parents for giving us, once again, the opportunity to be their team uniform supplier for the upcoming 2017 season.

We appreciate your business!
We are look forward to seeing you during sizing night!

Please do not contact the Kombat Retail stores, as they are not involved with club and team uniform preparation/distribution, however you can send us and email to: customerservice@kombatsoccer.com
We will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding uniforms.